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Send this to your mom

It would be easy (and perhaps true) to say "The Koin Press is for everyone interested in Koinos." But this implies you have to already know about Koinos. It's a barrier to entry.

Like I said yesterday, I believe accessibility is a big issue for blockchain. That's why I want to be more accessible with The Koin Press. So, let's talk about who I'm doing this for.

First off, this newsletter helps your mom understand blockchain/cryptocurrency. That's right. Even your mom. So if you want to talk about the oracle problem over Christmas dinner this year, send this link to your crypto-curious (or blockchain-bashing) friends and family.

If you're an enthusiast looking for more, the podcast is for in-depth discussions about blockchain accessibility. You may need a little more base understanding before some episodes make complete sense just by nature of the live interview format.

Beyond that free content, I'm going to create some paid products/services to help full stack web developers build accessible, profitable blockchain apps.

More on that tomorrow,


P.S. hi mom!