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Asking why in 2022

Happy new year!

I started the Koin Press in November 2021 because I wanted to accelerate my own learning and have an excuse to talk to all the smart people in the Koinos community.

I’m continuing the newsletter and podcast in 2022 because I believe…

  1. blockchain technology (not just currency) is going to fundamentally change the way people interact (for the better)
  2. accessibility is the biggest issue preventing adoption by the people who A) stand to benefit the most and B) can build that future
  3. Koinos is the best solution to the foundational accessibility problems (that I can see)

I know I have biases. I’m always ready to be proven wrong, learn, and adapt. To that end, I would appreciate you…

  • sharing any criticisms/questions/concerns with me (hit reply)
  • joining me on Twitter and/or Telegram if either of those are your thing
  • considering a crypto donation if you like what I'm doing here and want to see it grow faster

I’m doing this to help make blockchain more accessible for everyone. I’ll be sharing my broader plans for the Koin Press in a future newsletter.

More on Monday,


P.S. That's why I'm doing this. I'll address what my plans are, how this is going to go, and who it's for in the coming week.