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Universal language support

A lot of general purpose blockchains today require that you write your smart contracts in their fancy custom language (Solidity, Motoko, etc.). Some have gotten the idea that supporting "common" languages will increase accessibility for developers. Even those blockchains tend to only support 1-2 languages (and a lot of the time they're less common like Rust or Go).

Developers (and companies that hire developers) tend to want to build in the language(s) they already know. Why? Because it's cheaper. They don't have to hire or train up a new skillset. There may be value in building apps in a specific language, but if I want to "build smart contracts" I want to spend my time learning how to do that... not learning a new language.

Koinos is designed from the ground up to allow for just about any language with Web Assembly (WASM). They're not the only blockchain using WASM (there's even a proposed WASM redesign for Ethereum). But I expect the Koinos blockchain will be the first to use WASM to its full advantage.

When developers hear they can build fee-less, accessible applications in their favorite language, I believe that will provide the momentum for a lot more decentralized applications.

This is what Koinos means by "accelerating decentralization through accessibility" -- Koinos will be accessible to developers, business decision makers, and end users.

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