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If you build it, they will come

If you're buying Koin right now, it's entirely speculation. The Koinos blockchain (mainnet) won't launch until the first half of 2022. The Koin you can get today is just a token that carries the promises of Koinos. Once the team finishes and launches the mainnet, your Koin will be copied over.

Even then, it may (or may not) take some time before the real Koin is listed on exchanges, so you may not be able to sell (if that's your plan) right away.

So, what are you buying today? You're buying into the belief that the team can and will deliver a categorically better blockchain. The solutions proposed in the Koinos whitepapers describe a very special blockchain. It's not just a "faster Ethereum" as so many other new blockchains are billed.

So, why would the team bother with marketing right now? The Koinos Group is busy building the future of blockchain. The only reason to do a big marketing push at this stage in the game would be if they wanted to dump some of their Koin (which they don't).

The best things anyone can do right now to help build the future are...

  1. Read the whitepapers
  2. Run the testnet and get a preview of the real thing
  3. Build a smart contract if you're a dev
  4. Discuss the ideas of Koinos with other people interested in crypto
  5. Give feedback to the team

Don't worry about adoption. Don't worry about token price. This is the future of the decentralized web. It's not a moonshot.

More on Monday,


P.S. If it's not clear, I do think the value of Koin is going to be high in due time. I'm just unconcerned in the short term. This is not investment advice.