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Tooling and Infrastructure

There's always infinite opportunity for builders. The challenge is deciding which opportunities to chase. As I've narrowed my focus to blockchain gaming, I've (counterintuitively) seen significantly more opportunities.

I can only build so many things myself. Fortunately, I really enjoy giving away my ideas and helping others build.

If you have a game idea that excites you, developing and testing the idea with friends is a great opportunity. Games have a lot of potential to return a profit, and on blockchain (if built with this in mind) they can be operated cheaply, with a small team.

Games on blockchain have very specific infrastructure requirements. There's a few distinct opportunities to build centralized infrastructure services that are specifically targeted at blockchain games: custodial player accounts, off-chain data bridging, and some feature parity for players who opt-out of blockchain (for games that allow that).

For any game, the infrastructure is nothing without an interface. The same is true for smart contracts--most players aren't going to open up the blockchain CLI to talk directly to your contracts. Your game's tokens can be listed on a DEX or NFT marketplace, but games that enable trading in-game will be much more immersive. There's a significant opportunity to build libraries for the most common game client frameworks and languages (Unreal, Unity, JavaScript, etc.). Make it easy for game developers to use pre-made interfaces or build their own without worrying about the blockchain side of things.

Lastly, anything you build for one blockchain is not necessarily compatible with another. I'm particularly excited about Koinos for blockchain games, but because it's a new chain, there's still a ton of opportunity to build the basics. A wallet and a DEX are under community development, but we'll need more to support most blockchain gaming.


P.S. If you want to build something, but you're having trouble coming up with an exciting idea, let me know. I'll help you brainstorm and hone your ideas into something manageable.