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The land of opportunity

A lot of people are anti-crypto and that’s fine. No one is going to force you to buy Bitcoin, build dApps, or publish NFTs.

There is infinite opportunity to do things that matter and be compensated for your efforts on web 2 (or even in the real world).

You don’t need to jump on the blockchain bandwagon to provide a comfortable life for your family.

So, what’s the point?

Blockchain is the digital land of opportunity. There’s a lot of money in the space that wants to help solve real problems. And there are plenty of problems.

If you want to build something in your free time, talk to people in the space (hi) and read articles that talk about “the problem with web 3/blockchain/cryptocurrency”. If something doesn’t make sense, send it my way. I respond to every email.

A place where you can find big money and big problems is a place with big opportunity.

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P.S. you can help even if you’re not a programmer. There are lots of programmers excited about blockchain without clear direction. There’s a very good chance your existing skills and perspective can help.