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Receiver pays mana

If you're a developer (or company) making a decentralized (read: blockchain) app today, people have to pay fees to use your app. This is a huge barrier that will limit the potential audience of your app. You could pay your users' fees, but then you're running the app in a centralized way to make that happen (which defeats the purpose of a decentralized app).

On Koinos, you can set up "receiver pays mana" for your apps. This means, you will pay the mana costs for people to use your apps--making them free to use and still decentralized. Because mana recharges over time, you won't lose any Koin by doing this. You can also set limits on how much mana any given person can use.

This is huge for accessibility of blockchain apps. Why would anyone want to spend $100+ on gas fees on Ethereum, when you could do the same thing for free on Koinos?

What would you do as a "normal user"? What about as a developer (if you are one)?

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