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Reader follow up: "receiver pays mana"

A fellow list member replied yesterday with a couple great questions (shared with permission)

Could you expand a bit on why an app becomes centralised if the app creator chooses to pay for its users fee?

So, I'm specifically referring to dApps on Ethereum here. The person or organization paying the fee is the one performing the action (which is centralized). To pay your users' fees in a decentralized way on Ethereum, you would have to transfer Eth to their wallet (incurring a fee) and then have them run the action (incurring another fee).

This might not be something you know but, on the Kadena blockchain they have something called gas stations where app creators basically fill it up to pay its users fees(which already are pretty low) I guess this would be the same case then making it decentralized?

Yes! Kadena's gas stations are a decentralized solution to this problem. The problem here is that there's still a fee. You can't just let your app run because you will drain your gas station's balance. With Koinos' mana, you will always have your mana recharging, so you will only have to buy more Koin if you want to cover a higher rate of transactions for your users.

Aside: I'm not trying to say Koinos has the only solutions to these problems--sorry if that wasn't clear. If you take everything Koinos offers together, you get (in my opinion) the best blockchain solution around.

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