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Predictions for 2023

As we're entering the new year, I wanted to take a step back to reflect on what's been accomplished in 2022 and look forward to 2023. Last week, I published an episode of the podcast without a guest where I shared my thoughts. I mostly focus on Koinos since that's where the majority of my effort has gone in 2022 and where I'm planning to continue focusing in 2023.

I began 2022 thinking that I was going to offer my services as a solo consultant for dApp developers whether or not they would build on Koinos. I was going to write a couple books, offer advisory services to gaming studios, and teach courses for developers and businesses interested in blockchain. This is still an area of future interest for me, but I realized throughout the year how much opportunity there was for developers to build on Koinos. Combine this with growing impostor syndrome of someone who had not actually built a dApp before, and I launched burnkoin.com and nft.thekoinpress.com this year.

Going into 2023, I am continuing to improve on BurnKoin, write this newsletter, record the podcast, and manage the Press Badge NFT community. I am also developing a new dApp called KAP (Koinos Account Protocol). I talk about this in the podcast, and more info will be released in January.

Beyond what I'm working on, I share my predictions for $KOIN price and my thoughts on the biggest opportunities for dApp developers interested in building on Koinos in 2023.

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P.S. While it's not my primary focus at the moment, I am available to discuss your dApp projects. You can always email me to ask for advice. If you want to have a more in depth discussion and get immediate, actionable feedback, you can book a strategy call with me.