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Koinos listing on MEXC tomorrow!

Koinos is being listed on MEXC in about 12 hours. If you have KOIN, you'll be able to sell it for USDT at the market price. If you've been wanting to buy KOIN, now's your chance.

To give a brief background, KOIN was previously available as an ERC-20 token on Ethereum until October 31st. That's when the migration to Koinos mainnet began. On November 5th, the network launched for anyone who held the ERC-20 before October 31st. Since November 5th, there has been no way to trade KOIN for $ or vice versa. MEXC is the first exchange to list KOIN.

I rarely talk about price, but I'll give you my expectations for tomorrow. New token listings like this almost always draw in snipers--people who know nothing about the project who want to buy low and sell high for a quick profit. If you manage to buy in the first few minutes, you'll probably get a good deal relative to the price later in the day, but at some point that price will drop quite a bit. Lots of people holding KOIN managed to get theirs for pennies, and they're looking to sell some for a tidy profit. If you're buying tomorrow or even the next couple days, you are exit liquidity for snipers and long term holders.

If you've done your research and you believe in the value of the Koinos network, then it's still a good time to get in, but it's important to understand that your long term expectations might not match the short term reality.


P.S. My advice is always the same: do your research, don't put in more money than you can afford to lose, and be sure to diversify your holdings.