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Optionality isn't optional

In yesterday's post about bus passes, I asked which option you would prefer: pay-per-ride or reusable passes. I know which I prefer (the pass) but that doesn't mean it's the right choice for everyone all the time.

In the Koinos community, we often look down on gas fees as an inferior option to mana. For many cases, I think that's fair, but that doesn't mean gas is bad.

Going back to the analogy, the bus pass is the superior option for people who plan on being around for a long time, but that necessarily means that it will be expensive to acquire as demand for bus rides goes up. At a certain point, acquiring enough bus passes to satisfy your needs will be difficult for the average person. Because you're not just buying the bus ride you need right now, you're buying an infinitely reusable bus pass.

Gas is an efficient system for capturing the fair market value of network activity right now. Mana is preferable only for people who can afford the KOIN, as the price includes future demand for network resources.

The biggest benefit of mana is the ability to give it away. This is what will make Koinos accessible to those who can't afford to buy in.


P.S. Gas isn't inferior. It's just one option with different tradeoffs.