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Bus pass 🚍🎫

Welcome to Compucity! Anything you can imagine is available and it's all open 24/7. Whether you're taking up residence or just visiting, you're going to need to get around. The city bus will get you where you need to go.

The Compucity transit system has two payment models and you get to choose which you'll use!

Option 1:

Pay with Bus Bucks! The price of any ride is based on how far you're going and how many people are trying to get a ride at that time. Bus Bucks might be more expensive later, so if you're planning on being here a while, we recommend buying significantly more than you'll ever need to pay for rides. But don't worry, you can trade your excess Bus Bucks to most other people in Compucity for whatever they're selling.

Option 2:

Buy a Bus Pass! Each Bus Pass is good for 1 mile of travel per day plus or minus depending on how many people need a ride at the same time. You can buy as many passes as you want, but if you don't use a pass on a given day, the ride doesn't rollover to the following day. Bus Passes never expire no matter how much you use them. Again, the price of these passes may go up, so you'll want to get more than you think you'll need. You can trade Bus Passes for goods and services, but you can also let other people use your rides if you have extra. Feel free to give away rides for free, charge a fee, or if you run a shop in Compucity, pay for anyone's ride to come to your shop.

So, which will you choose? Option 1 or Option 2?


P.S. If you couldn't already tell, Bus Bucks are tokens on gas-fee blockchains, while Bus Passes are tokens on Koinos.