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New pod + new proposal...

First up, I talked with Mixibo this week about KoinCity on the podcast. If you want to learn more about the launchpad, moon boys, and what comes next, then I have a button for you:

Second, I wrote to you about a month ago, offering my services to build your dApp ideas (link for reference). That offer still stands: $6k/mo and I'll help solidify your business plan, design your app, build the smart contracts, and craft your website. Soup to nuts in 3-6 months (probably--we'll land on specifics in the first week and you don't pay until you're happy with the plan).

To make this easier for you, you can grab time on my calendar to discuss your idea, your budget, your plans, etc. You don't need to prepare anything. Just bring whatever you have and let's see if it's a good fit. No hard sells. Just a free 30 minute session to help flesh out your idea and see if it has legs.



P.S. I can only run this with a couple clients at a time, so if you're seriously considering it, book now. First come, first served.