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100k KOIN

If you have 100k KOIN, what are you doing with it?

You could sit on it and wait for the price to move.

You could sell all of it now for around $45k (less slippage).

You could burn it for VHP and earn 5.6% APY.

You could sell half (or use other holdings) to provide liquidity on a trading pair.

All perfectly valid options, but none of them offer an ROI anywhere close to building a dApp.

The dApps I've built have earned over 100k KOIN.

Even if you're not a developer, if you have 100k KOIN, you can spend half of that to get your dApp idea built and start earning new KOIN to replace what you spent.

Your idea might be worth way more than you spend to have it built. But even if you don't earn 100% of your initial KOIN investment back, Koinos benefits from having more dApps, more usage, and new eyeballs looking at the chain. If all goes well, your remaining 50k KOIN may be worth more than your initial 100k.

Investing in a dApp isn't for everyone, but if you have an idea and a desire to own and operate it as a business, it's worth discussing.

Because I've launched 3 separate dApps and observed this ecosystem from its beginning, I have a good sense of the expected value of an idea. I can help you plan and execute the economics as well as code the dApp for you.

If I don't think your idea has good business potential, I'll tell you. I'm not going to take your money unless I believe you stand to earn a positive ROI.

So, if you have 100k KOIN and an idea, let's talk. I'll set you on the right path, even if you don't end up hiring me to build it for you.


P.S. if the open-ended $6k/mo pricing is scary, I'm also happy to do fixed price engagements.