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Let's make a bet...

This newsletter is supposed to be short and daily. For the last few months, I have not kept up with it. So let's make a bet...

I will bet you 100 $KOIN that you will receive 5 (or more) ✨valuable✨ daily emails from me each week for the rest of 2024.

If a week goes by, and you don't think I've lived up to my end of that bargain, send me an email. I'll split the 100 $KOIN between the first 5 people who email me each week.

(You must be an email subscriber to participate. Give me until 12am Sunday night, Pacific time. If I sent 5 emails and you didn't think they were valuable, I'll ask you a few questions so I can understand your perspective. If this gets abused, I reserve the right to end or modify the contest, or just ban specific individuals.)

If you've been meaning to learn about blockchain, and want the chance to earn some free crypto in the process, this is for you.


P.S. it hurts me to put my money on the line like this, and that's the point. Blockchain is great for publicly enforcing social contracts like this one. It would not be hard to write a smart contract that automatically handled this bet, accepting votes on posts, and automatically paying the weekly winners. Perhaps a future iteration worth exploring.