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KoinDX is live!

That's right, "soon" is now. Koinos now has a DEX on mainnet.

At the moment, you can trade native KOIN and VHP as well as BurnKoin's pVHP. Additional tokens will be added in due time. You can create your own tokens and add liquidity whenever you want.

If you're looking to trade bridged assets like ETH and BTC, you're going to have to wait a little longer. While the DEX has launched, a bridge is not yet live. (Topic for another day?)

While I do tend to talk about the non-financial applications of blockchain more often, I'm very excited to have a DEX on Koinos. I fully believe in DeFi's potential to disrupt the worst parts of centralized finance, and I hope KoinDX will play a role in making DeFi more accessible to average consumers.

So, what's your strategy going forward? Light trading? Create bots? Provide liquidity? There's lots of opportunity here whether you're technical or not.


P.S. For now, I'm providing some liquidity for pVHP pairs, and will opportunistically be trading KOIN/VHP/pVHP.