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Job of the future: moderator

Jobs are automated out of existence regularly, but it's clear that efficiency and innovation create even more opportunity than they destroy. Some people won't (or can't) adapt, but on the whole, we have more jobs now than at any point in history (in both number and variety).

The average quality of life is also way up. There will always be some level of inequality, but more people live in effective royalty today than ever before. Kings from 100 years ago had worse access to healthcare, less ability to travel, and fewer opportunities for entertainment compared to the majority of the world today.

So, when I look at any technology, I try to consider its potential to improve the average quality of life--either by creating something, making something more affordable, automating less desirable jobs, or creating more desirable jobs.

Blockchain has the potential to automate what is actually a very desirable job. This is a job that adds relatively little value and tends to be a source of stress and job dissatisfaction for people who aren't in this position... Of course, I'm referring to the job of "boss" or "manager".

Companies still need leaders with a strong vision/strategy/etc. who can plan and execute, but as organizations grow, you need more middle managers who don't really do much themselves. This drops your average output per person, but it would be impossible to keep a large company running without them.

Organizations of the future will run on blockchain. Leaders will issue proposals and requests for action as on-chain job listings. Employees (or even gig economy workers) will self organize around these tasks, deliver results, and be rewarded in cryptocurrency for their efforts. Work as much or as little as you need, have autonomy, get paid. Sounds nice, right?

This will come with a new job: moderator. You can think of these people like trusted referees: verifying work results, approving rewards, and earning crypto for keeping people honest. Managers may go away, but there will be plenty of need for their skillset in these future orgs.


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