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History repeats itself

Crypto is going to crash.

It's impossible to know when. Don't try to time the market. This could be the top or we could still be lower than the bottom of the coming crash.

The growing hype around blockchain is similar to the dotcom bubble. There are a thousand companies whose entire identity is "we do X but on blockchain." This isn't a long term value proposition. You need more than that to make it. Investors throw money around for equity and tokens without full understanding of why this matters.

The dotcom bubble didn't mean the death of the internet. "Doing X online" is valuable regardless of the market. But there were many websites created without a clear business plan that got a lot of investor money just because they were online.

The coming crypto bubble is the same. Blockchain is valuable for the long term. Still, a lot of people are going to lose big money on bad bets. Business fundamentals still matter. You should seek to understand crypto better before throwing money after shiny new projects.


P.S. just like the biggest companies of today, there will be winners that survive the crash. What can we learn from dotcom crash survivors?