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Don't trust me

Don't trust me
Photo by Jametlene Reskp / Unsplash

I recently added a disclaimer at the bottom of these emails. I own KOIN. I'm no whale, but I have enough that I believe it will make up the majority of my net worth in due time. That means that anything I write about blockchain/cryptocurrency in general and especially about Koinos in particular is biased by definition.

I believe decentralization is a force for good.

I believe blockchain is our best bet for a decentralized future.

I believe many of the problems with existing blockchains can be boiled down to accessibility.

I believe there are lots of ways to solve these problems without Koinos.

I believe Koinos has the best approach at the moment because it pushes the solutions closer to the base layer than anything else out there.

I believe the team will successfully deliver because I used to be roommates with Michael Vandeberg (Koinos Group co-founder & blockchain architect) and I trust him.

But do you believe me? Even if you do, there's nothing to stop me from using your trust to influence the value of my KOIN and profit off of you. This newsletter and podcast could just be a long con. Don't put too much weight into what I (or anyone else) tells you in the crypto space. Treat every interaction like a chess move, and don't bet your life savings on a game of chess.


P.S. Even if I'm wrong about one or all of my stated beliefs here, my family and I are still going to be fine financially. Do your own research and don't risk your future on any single bet.