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First time on blockchain?

Building up blockchain expertise is a challenge for individuals, but it's even harder for companies. Once your company decides to invest in building on blockchain, you need to do a mixture of internal training and external hiring. The problem comes mainly from the need to hire.

Individuals with blockchain expertise aren't often looking for work. Once you've been in the space long enough, you've probably put in some money, made some great returns, and (ideally) cashed out enough at the highs that you're not hurting for work. Moreso than other technology areas of expertise, crypto is uniquely tied to money and wealth creation.

This means that the people you want to hire can be very selective about what jobs they take. You can pay exorbitant salaries, but money only motivates so far. You need to have a mission and vision that attracts blockchain experts.

The ethos of web3 is all about decentralization. Simply put: freedom. You have to approach your blockchain project as a partnership with your employees, advisors, and even customers. Your success in this space hinges on the perception that you want to give control of the thing you're building over to the people you're building it for.

If you want to keep full control and just use blockchain as a marketing ploy or new means of capital infusion, you're going to have a hard time bringing on the expertise you need to fulfill your goals.


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