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Crypto going to ZERO

Crypto markets are down bad, but why? There are global economic forces (inflation, war, etc.) impacting markets beyond crypto, plus a few recent crypto scams (Luna, Celsius) crashing. Crypto investors are afraid and getting out while they still can before everything goes to zero...

Because it is going to zero...


This is a doubt shared by many people who don't understand markets, especially those who are anti-crypto and want to see it fail. The reality is that going to zero is extremely unlikely. As long as there's someone willing and able to buy, demand will prevent a complete collapse. There are too many people deep into crypto for that to truly happen.

However, downturns like this can cause normal people a lot of pain. It takes a lot of conviction to stay invested or even buy more in the middle of a crash. If you're building something on blockchain to benefit regular people, think real hard before you offer a token. Most projects on blockchain (games included) don't need an ICO/IDO to start out. Just be careful about exposing your customers to the risk of being investors in your success. This can result in mixed signals in the feedback you get from early adopters.

The same goes for your blockchain game's economy. Don't offer tokens as investments or a guaranteed way to earn money. The point is to give control to your players, not make a quick buck.


P.S. In my opinion, crypto on the whole won't ever go to zero, unless we're talking about zero fees ;)