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Don't just copy web2...

The innovators who win in technology shifts are the ones who focus on the new capabilities created. Don't just copy existing successful games to blockchain.

Take what's uniquely possible with blockchain and build your games around those core capabilities.

Example: Instagram succeeded as a camera app, photo editor, and social network. This was a powerful combination on mobile because it was the first time in history you could do all those things on one device.

Blockchain enables financial apps, art collecting, open secondary markets, etc. If you want to build a game on blockchain, you're giving your players freedom. Build ways for your players to trade in-game items directly in game. Yes, NFT marketplaces and DEXs already exist outside of your game, and some players may use those. But integrate these dApps directly into your game and you'll have a really cool (and easier to use) experience that keeps your players coming back.

If you do it right, your players don't even need to know about the blockchain behind the scenes.


P.S. Play-to-earn pays players and that's a good start. Don't stop there.