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Blockchain for... real estate?

This week on the podcast, an interview with James Rogers of Blockchain Home Registry (BHR). Real Estate is a fascinating application of blockchain. The industry is ripe for innovation, but typically pretty slow to adopt new technology. There are a lot of different middlemen and information silos, so blockchain could help provide more efficient and cost effective tooling for homeowners.

BHR is building partnerships within the real estate market and associated services to give homeowners control of their home's data. Kind of like CarFax for your home on blockchain.

Any time your dApp depends on the real world, you introduce complexity. It's impossible to ensure the data on-chain accurately represents everything happening in real life, so you need ways to correct data after the fact. In this interview, we talk about some of the potential solutions that can be enabled by blockchain for real estate, and why it's worth working through the complexity.


P.S. Real-life real estate isn't particularly relevant for gaming, so tomorrow I'll address virtual real estate in the metaverse.