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You're more than a dApp

Building a dApp is just one of many things you can do on a blockchain. A dApp is just a product. It isn't inherently an entire business on its own.

So many people building dApps aren't thinking any bigger than that. Their business begins and ends with that one product. With this mindset, the only way forward is to be the next Uniswap or OpenSea. If the dApp isn't a commercial hit, then the business dies.

If you're building a dApp, presumably you have a purpose for doing so. You're trying to solve some problem. There's probably an infinite number of ways to approach the problem. Most of them don't include your dApp idea. What you're building is a crypto-native business focused on solving that problem.

If your dApp flops, that doesn't mean you were wrong about the problem. It only means you were wrong about the solution.

Maybe you can solve the problem without a dApp. Don't rule out reasonable possibilities. The point is to solve the problem, remain true to the tenants of decentralization and openness, and use blockchain as a tool when it makes sense.


P.S. outside of crypto, this is standard startup advice. Don't be blinded by web3's all-or-nothing cultural tendencies.