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Why Shrapnel?

There are a lot of obvious reasons why I chose to accept a job working with the Shrapnel team: good pay, experienced and humble team, big opportunity in web3, immediate need for my skill set, etc. I'm happy to say that after a month, my expectations are constantly being exceeded. This is the most fun I've had at my day job in years.

But that's just "the job" side of the equation. Even if everything there is excellent, it won't last if I don't believe in what we're building. There has to be a bright future ahead of us in order for the company to thrive in these early stages.

Obviously, it's important that there's a large, highly skilled team of game developers who deeply understand first person shooters, but I'm personally more focused on the experience, accessibility, blockchain architecture, and economics. My work on the experience side has been a blast. I bought into the vision because I believe in the design of the core game loop, and how the economics will connect with crypto natives and NFT haters alike.

Extraction shooters are a relatively niche genre of FPS, but it's amazing to me that no one has adapted the model to blockchain well yet. I fully believe Shrapnel will be the first, and that's exciting. The risk and reward of playing the game will make for some very tense, very streamable moments.

Despite this feeling like a very obvious play-to-earn genre, the team hasn't focused on that side of things which I love. If you want to earn, you're better off creating maps or art or something else that adds new value for players. The creator economy is of course alive and well on YouTube, twitch, and other social networks, but to see that same model applied and then opened up wider within a crypto gaming context makes me giddy.

That's why Shrapnel.


P.S. Sure, Avalanche isn't my #1 pick today, but it's a very solid choice for big budget gaming studios. Koinos will have its own AAA games in an upcoming cycle, and I'll be here to help build them.