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Which came first... the App or the dApp?

This week on the podcast: an interview with Lyndon Oh (CEO of Ozone).

There are a lot of great takeaways in this episode, but I wanted to highlight one in particular: for some dApps, it makes more sense to start as a plain old web2 app.

Ozone is positioned to help traditional (non-blockchain) web users take control of (and earn money for) their data. The idea is based around web3 capabilities, but they started with traditional services: payments in USD, centralized servers, etc.

If you want to attract web2 users to blockchain, you have to meet them where they are and provide the option of web3 capabilities. This means supporting email/password logins, custodial wallets, transactions without tokens, and simple when-you-need-it education.

Focus on providing an easy experience, then incentivize web3 adoption. Don't force it.


P.S. Most dApps don't do this today. It's hard to pull off successfully, but tooling is coming to make it much easier.