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What would you build...

...if it would exist forever?

I've asked this question before, but what if it absolutely had to exist forever? Neither you nor anyone else could destroy it. Whether it gets used or not, it will keep on existing and taking up space.

Would you be more careful with your decisions?

Obviously, this isn't realistic for physical creations, but it's very real on blockchain.

When we launched BurnKoin, we intentionally made it immutable. No one has the ability to modify or remove the smart contracts. We intend to launch BurnKoin v2 in the future, but that will mean helping participants migrate to the new contracts. The original version will continue to live on as long as Koinos exists. Even if we point the website at the new contracts and stop operating the old configuration, someone could still deposit their Koin--they just wouldn't make any profit doing so.

Despite the long term cost to the network, I believe we made the right decision launching on day one of Koinos mainnet. We designed the contract to be fairly light, we built trust by making it immutable, and we have learned a lot from operating v1 that will help shape future versions.

Don't let concerns about the future prevent you from taking action today.

So, I ask you again: what would you build if it would exist forever?


P.S. if you reply, I promise not to share your ideas without your permission. And you don't need to worry about me stealing your ideas. I have enough of my own to keep me busy for decades.