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Web2 companies NGMI? (new pod)

There's a common opinion in web3 culture that people who are skeptical about blockchain are "not gonna make it" (NGMI). To me, this is a bit harsh because we're all just people with natural human skepticism. If web3 is supposed to reach broader adoption and encourage decentralization, then we need to be patient with people.

This week on the pod, an interview with Chad Hahn of Pariveda Solutions on his experience consulting web2 companies on the applications of blockchain in their business.

We talk a lot about web3 companies that will replace web2 companies, but it's a more efficient use of our collective time and effort to bring existing companies along when possible.

Not to mention that there's a lot we can learn about ourselves by having conversations with people outside the space. Blockchain culture shouldn't be an echo chamber.

If you want to learn what the other side is thinking and talking about, give this episode a listen. Enjoy!


P.S. If you don't care about helping other people "make it" then you're NGMI. There's more to life than money.