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Tools for web3 games (new pod)

Most games built on blockchain are turn based. They're not particularly action packed. This isn't a rule, but it's a clear trend because of how the blockchain is used. Every move you make is a transaction. You don't even need to connect directly to other players because you all just read from and write to the public blockchain.

This is an easy approach and lends itself well to a lot of fun game design. However, if you want to build something more action packed, you need to introduce concepts like state channels, external cheat prevention, and a variety of other complications.

There's a ton of ways to build whatever game you want using decentralized infrastructure. Deciding how to do it yourself is a big challenge. That's why most serious web3 games have engineering teams with deep technical expertise on both blockchain and game development.

This introduces a key opportunity for developer toolkits, opinionated frameworks, and platforms. If you can solve recurring problems in a simple way, you remove the burden of expertise, reduce cost to develop web3 games, and prevent serious decision fatigue for game studios coming to blockchain.

This is where Blockify Games comes in. I had the pleasure of interviewing Mr. S about what they've built at Blockify to help game developers adopt web3.

Give it a listen and enjoy!


P.S. Tooling isn't always a particularly exciting business, but the shop selling pickaxes is the real winner in a gold rush.