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Tokenization is bad

Web2 is winning. Why?

In web2, founders set goals to find customers and solve their problems, then they get rich when they succeed.

In web3, founders get rich before they find product market fit.

Businesses need funding, but too much too early robs the founding team of their hunger and drive.

But that's just the beginning.

Launching a token changes who your customer is in the early stages. You become focused on token price instead of solving problems. You worry about investors instead of users. Success is when people buy, not when people have their lives changed for the better.

Tokenization isn't wrong – it's just not good.

If you can find customers and solve their problems without launching a token, your incentives are aligned with your users' needs. This maximizes your chances of long term success.


P.S. If this was the norm in web3, we'd have way fewer scams.