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The Koinos Pro Strategy (new pod)

This week on the podcast, I interviewed Ron Hamenahem, COO of Koinos Group, about their company strategy now that Koinos mainnet is launched and fully decentralized.

It's an interesting challenge. I haven't been able to come up with a good analogy for it. Launching a blockchain is just like creating software for any other platform business, but it's significantly different because you don't own the result. Despite this, the Koinos Group is invested in the network's success. How you define success is key.

Some blockchain companies focus too heavily on the investors. They want people to buy their cryptocurrency more than anything else. Koinos Group is primarily focused on attracting developers and supporting their efforts to build sound applications and successful businesses powered by Koinos.

Koinos Pro is just one piece of their strategy. In this interview, we talk about more specifics and their broader plans.

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P.S. If you have tried to develop anything for Koinos yet, how was the experience? What tooling, services, features, etc. did you wish you had access to? I shared my feature requests with Ron in the interview.