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The future is coming

What do you believe will happen in the future?

You could answer this in any number of directions, so let's narrow the scope to blockchain. What role do you believe blockchain will play in the future?

I'm not asking about the price of bitcoin.

I'm not asking about which L1 you think will win.

I'm asking you to think about societal norms, economics, culture, organizational theory, the types of apps people use, what work looks like, etc.

Think further than just a couple months to years out. Start at 100 years from now and work backwards.

Make one prediction. What do you believe will happen in the future?

And what's one thing you can do today to help bring about that future?

Do your actions now align with the future you want to see?


P.S. Don't feel like you have to, but I'd love to talk about your predictions. Hit reply or email me any time: luke@thekoinpress.com