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The Federation (I'm back)

In case you missed the news while I was out, the Koinos Federation was started by Jon Rice (former editor-in-chief of Blockworks and Cointelegraph). Because Koinos was fair launched, its token distribution is highly decentralized. That means the founding team doesn't have the typical war chest that other blockchains have to pay for CEX listings, grant programs, marketing efforts, etc.

The Federation was started to provide community leadership for these and related efforts. You can think of it as the pragmatically decentralized alternative to a centralized foundation.

For The Federation's first year of operation, a 7 person council has been appointed. The council includes:

  • Jon Rice (duh)
  • Andrew Levine (CEO of Koinos Group)
  • Michael Vandeberg (Koinos Group)
  • Justin Welch (CEO of Kollection)
  • Julian Gonzalez (Developer of Kondor, Fogata, etc.)
  • Erik Saberski (VP of Data Science at The TIE)
  • Luke Willis (me)

I'm very excited to be working with this group. I'll be sharing more about the council's efforts as we finalize the federation charter and prioritize next steps. If you have any questions or concerns you'd like raised to the council, you can email/dm me any time.


P.S. I have already published interviews with everyone on the council (except for Jon--hope to have that one this week or next), so if you're not familiar with someone on the list, check out podcast.thekoinpress.com.

P.P.S. I've been away since my wife and I just had our 4th kid. I'm back at my desk now, so you can expect the usual daily newsletter and weekly podcast going forward.