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The Crypto Wild West

The culture around cryptocurrencies (and the blockchains that run them) is a lot like the wild west right now. There's people trying to earn an honest living, speculators chasing the digital gold rush, and outlaws scamming and stealing fortunes.

Blockchain networks (and networks in general) are made up of real people. So, all the moral and ethical issues you see in the real world will always be present in some ways on blockchain. You can build systems to protect yourself and others, but you still have to be careful in the wild west.

Just like the real American Frontier, a good portion of it will be tamed and settled by law-abiding citizens. The difference is that there is only so much land to go around. Once it's settled, that's it, but you can always make new blockchains, dApps, cryptocurrencies, etc.

If you want to chase opportunity on the crypto wild west, you can buy cryptocurrencies. Just be aware that when you buy a token, you're helping to fund a mission. If you don't believe in the mission, don't buy it.

I'm personally excited about helping to settle the wild west so more law-abiding citizens can feel safe here. That's what accessibility means to me, and that's why I'm keen on Koinos in particular.

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P.S. "accelerating decentralization" = helping more people move out west... "through accessibility" = by settling the wild crypto territory.