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Simplify to innovate

Blockchain technology has some of the smartest minds in the world working on it. These people aren't the pump-and-dump influencers or the scammers that build a pretty landing page just to ICO and rug pull. They're building core infrastructure, layer 2 rollups, zero knowledge proofs, and much more. The problems being addressed are incredibly deep and challenging.

I like to think I'm an above average developer, but I know for a fact that I don't have the knowledge to pull off some of these more complex solutions on my own. That said, most of these deep and meaningful projects are the combined effort of many very smart people. I think it's fantastic that Ethereum has so many deep thinkers currently building account abstraction features. It's just the sort of initiative that could bring Ethereum and any other EVM blockchain in reach of the average internet user.

I can't launch my own L2 with account abstraction for Ethereum. I would need to do a lot more research and work with at least a few people significantly smarter than I am. So, it's good that there are teams already doing this work. However, I can build a smart contract by myself. Not only that, I can accomplish a very similar experience for my dApp's users on Koinos without all the fancy account abstraction shenanigans.

A while back, I wrote about this theory that more rapid innovation would be possible by providing a better UX directly on the layer one. Now, as I'm building KAP and researching account abstraction on Ethereum, I know that this theory is 100% correct. Developers of dApps for Koinos can innovate more rapidly in more meaningful ways for their users with less overhead compared to Ethereum dApp developers.

Because my developer experience is more flexible, I can experiment much more easily. Then the core blockchain framework can adapt to my increased learning more rapidly. It's the rate of innovation that makes Koinos inevitable.


P.S. In terms of the end-user's overall experience, I expect Ethereum dApps and Koinos dApps will reach parity over time. But because Koinos is the simpler machine, it will take fewer developers and less time to go further.