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Products become features

TikTok is an entire product. YouTube and Facebook copy that functionality as just one feature in a larger app.

This is the natural progression for web3 too.


DAO governance tools...

NFT marketplaces...

Flash loans...

You name it.

Today's products will be tomorrow's features.

The difference is that products are portable and reusable in web3.

YouTube and Facebook had to recreate TikTok. They had to build new content libraries on their own platforms. Creators have to duplicate effort to publish short videos to multiple platforms.

If a web3 app needs a DEX feature, it just integrates with an existing DEX.

Less wasted time for developers is better for everyone.


P.S. AI is replacing some developer effort for small tasks, but open products allows for greater reuse and less rebuilding things that have already been done. This removes the need for entire projects.