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Press Badge NFT Launch

Early in 2022, I decided to experiment with merchandise for The Koin Press. In particular, I offered a limited edition bundle that was only available before the Koinos mainnet launched on November 5th. This bundle included shirts, stickers, a hat, and the promise of 1/50 NFTs. All priced together at $200.

At the time, I hadn't written the smart contract, I didn't have the artwork, and I was still determining what utility this NFT would offer. I only really knew that I wanted to launch the first NFT collection on Koinos, which I did on day one. Now, this collection is opening to the public for minting TODAY at NOON PST

You can see the collection and mint your own at https://nft.thekoinpress.com

If you didn't manage to snag a merch bundle, minting an NFT will cost 500 KOIN. With the NFT you get:

  • Access to a private discord with me and other NFT holders
  • Early insider information on what I'm building (BurnKoin, KAP)
  • Ability to book time with me to discuss my projects, your projects, crypto research, financial advice, or whatever you want

We're also considering giving NFT holders discounts on KAP domains and rebates on BurnKoin fees. Details are still being sorted out, so don't let that be the only reason you mint. The point of this collection is to get the people who care about and want to support these projects together and talking. If you've enjoyed my writing and podcasting over the last year and you have some KOIN, this may be for you.

Minting opens in just a couple minutes.



P.S. The merch store is still live and now has BurnKoin gear. Just saying.