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Positioning for Gaming Studios

Business coach and friend of the list Jonathan Stark had me on the Ditching Hourly podcast to discuss ways to position and package my crypto/blockchain/web3 expertise. We talk about how The Koin Press came about, Koinos, why "accessibility" isn't a great word choice, and ways to increase the impact of what I'm doing here.

listen here!

As a result of our conversation, I've decided to focus my efforts on helping gaming studios adopt blockchain without alienating their players. This means that I'll be writing and podcasting with a lens toward the gaming industry. My reasoning is that video games and their gamers are frequently early adopters of innovative tech. Blockchain should be more widely used here, but companies face a massive amount of backlash when announcing NFT projects or any other web3 integration.

If you're not into gaming, most of what I talk about will still be directly applicable to you, just framed in a new way. If you're no longer interested in accessible blockchain technology or how to talk about blockchain adoption without alienating your existing customers, then no hard feelings if you want to unsubscribe.

As always, the mission is the same: to accelerate decentralization through accessibility.

Or put another way: to make blockchain commonplace in mainstream games.


P.S. Let me know your favorite non-blockchain gaming studios making killer games. If I find they're interested in blockchain, I'll do what I can to help and you might even hear them on the podcast.