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One network is not enough

People naturally form groups. Our human networks are interconnected, sprawling, and cover the whole planet. Whether you relate to people over a niche interest, your location, or some shared goal, these relationships form networks.

Network is a very broadly used term, but it boils down to the same thing: connection. Even blockchain networks are just a bunch of computers connected for a shared purpose.

But it's more than that. Blockchains are made up of computers, yes, but they're also made up of people. The computers, tokens, dapps, etc. don't exist in a vacuum. All of it is developed, supported, discussed, and used by humans.

So, let me ask you this... would it make sense for every person on the planet to connect with each other in a single human network?

That would be crazy. You can't connect with everyone in the world. Networks are organic and variable. You can't force everyone into one box. It's normal for people to engage in multiple, highly varied networks each and every day.

So, why would a single company (like Facebook) or a single blockchain (like Ethereum) be appropriate for all of those human networks?

The decentralized future isn't about uniting humanity on a single platform. It's about freedom of choice.


P.S. You can make multiple choices.