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Nifty games (new podcast)

This week on the pod, an interview with Andrew Ivison of Nifty Football. Nifty is a football (soccer if you're American) management game backed by blockchain. The game's beta will be launching soon.

If you've never played a sports management game before, they're generally focused on the team building/training/trading/etc. more than the actual sports playing. Often, the matches are automated and you just watch the game stats unfold, potentially making decisions about swapping out players.

Nifty is following this same model, but offering your team's players as NFTs on the Flow blockchain. There's a lot more coming including customizable stadium NFTs (read: metaverse).

Whether or not you enjoy this type of game, there's a lot of good design elements to take away. They're making it so anyone can get started for free, covering gas costs for players (through Flow grants), and waiting to tokenize until after the game's beta.

If you're looking to build a game on blockchain, give it a listen.


P.S. You'll notice that the design mixes decentralization/centralization as needed. I'll write more about this in the coming days, so subscribe if you're interested.