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New pod: Kollection!

Last week, I had the pleasure of interviewing Justin Welch, CEO of Kollection--the first NFT marketplace built on Koinos. NFTs and their marketplaces are a fairly saturated market compared with a lot of other kinds of dApps, so we talked about their company strategy and how Kollection intends to differentiate itself in the long term.

Being the first mover on a new blockchain can be a great advantage, especially if the blockchain continues to grow. For marketplaces, your customers are highly transactional, so that advantage can be difficult to hold on to when competition arises.

KAP is inherently more sticky because our users will own their identity and be committed to renewing that ownership annually. The benefit of running a marketplace business is that you can observe customer behavior on a shorter time scale. KAP can only measure renewals after the first year, where Kollection will be able to measure user activity more frequently.

I'm personally very excited for the launch of Kollection, as it benefits two out of three of my Koinos dApps. Both the press badges and KAP names will be tradable on Kollection.

If you want to keep up with this Kollection and learn more about what's brewing on Koinos, don't miss this episode.

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P.S. I'm looking for guests for the coming weeks. Who do you want to hear from on the podcast next?