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Marketing blockchain games (new pod)

Today on the pod, I had the pleasure of talking with Andrew Pappas about marketing blockchain games. Andrew helps indie game studios market their games more effectively. He hasn't done much with blockchain games, so I wanted to have him on today to combine our perspectives.

Building a fun game is only half the battle. If you don't have a marketing strategy, you can launch the best game ever, but no one would play. Blockchain is seen as a differentiator, so games being built on blockchain tend to feature it prominently in their marketing. Andrew and I agree that this probably isn't the best choice.

Focus on the reason's you're building on blockchain and try to design a marketing strategy without any of the blockchain-related buzzwords. If you can't pull in players without those, you may need to revisit something foundational about your game.

We get into a lot more detail in the interview, so if you want more, you know what to do!


P.S. I'll be a guest on Andrew's podcast Indie Game Movement in the next couple weeks, so hit me up with any questions you'd like us to discuss then.