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Let's work together

Blockchain is more than just money.

It's also more than just cool technology.

Blockchain is about scaling human coordination. Historically, most people made their livings by doing real physical labor. They weren't paid to think. In the last century, there was a huge transition toward knowledge work. Now, people can get paid way more for their brains than the bodies that shuttle them around.

With the rise of knowledge work came new theories of managing people. Your typical company hierarchy for example.

Fast forward to the gig economy. Companies like Uber, DoorDash, TaskRabbit, etc. act as a middleman to connect people who are willing to pay to have X done, and people who are willing to do X for money (taking a healthy cut of the profits). This is great for quick coordination of humans but is limited to fairly specific tasks (and typically more body than brain).

Smart contracts offer the ability to create DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations). Basically a company without employees. You publish a mission/vision and create a cryptocurrency. Then people can buy your token, vote on things, offer their services, get rewarded with more tokens, etc. It's basically a job, but no employment contract.

It's the gig economy of knowledge work.

If you want to join a DAO or offer your skills and services to any initiative in web3, just do it. There are lots of ways to add value and get rewarded. DAOs are going to change the way people organize and it's not going to look much like traditional hierarchical companies.

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P.S. DAOs are still young and finding their footing. Some day marketplaces will exist on top of DAOs that make the experience more like driving for Uber, but you'll be offering your skills and passions on initiatives that matter to you.