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Koinos Federation Proposal

Today's newsletter is copied directly from Jon Rice's post to Telegram. If you have questions or comments, feel free to reply to this email or join the Telegram channel linked below. I appreciate you taking the time to read our proposal. -Luke

The Koinos Federation Council has been working behind the scenes to ask some challenging questions about our ecosystem - and to come up with solutions to the overriding issue we all face.

Before we get started let’s be clear. The issue is huge. We are a small community and we’re competing with VC-backed companies with hundreds of millions of dollars to spend. We have no money allocated for any of the activities our competitors can finance.

We have a unique set of value propositions… we are fair-launched, free-to-use and frictionless.

But they won’t be unique forever. We need to take advantage - RIGHT NOW - of the best tech in the industry.

We will not address our issues with piecemeal or cautious responses.

We have identified a way to ensure that Koinos gets the chance to compete.

A way to raise awareness…
To pay for marketing…
To offer meaningful developer grants…
To secure exchange listings…
To find our way onto hardware wallets…

… in short, to do everything this community wants us to do to massively accelerate the Koinos ecosystem.

It’s a bold strategy. It will be contentious. But in our opinion, this is the way we build huge value, rapidly, for the entire Koinos network and everyone participating in it.

It’s also a strategy that aligns with our Charter.

We would like to keep conversation around this proposal in the Federation Telegram chat, where we can track it in one place. https://t.me/koinosfederation

And we will be holding a Town Hall / AMA about the proposal on Thursday at 11am ET. We will post details shortly.

Please read this carefully. We hope it explains our understanding of the issues, and that we considered multiple ideas before we decided on the solution.

The document is also open for comment, and any member of the community is invited to leave their thoughts for us.