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KAP Pod + Space + Giveaway (48 hours to launch)

We are launching KAP in a little under 48 hours! (April 19th at 4PM UTC)

To prepare everyone for the launch, my co-founder and I recorded a podcast episode where we go into how KAP came to be, the features we're launching with, and our roadmap from here.

If that's not enough for you, The Koinos Army is hosting a Twitter space tomorrow at 6PM UTC to talk about KAP live with Kui and me. Bring your questions!

Finally, to celebrate the launch, we're giving away 1000 KOIN. If you want to be entered to win, you'll need to get a KAP name in the first week after launch and help us out by sharing on Twitter. We'll post the full details tomorrow, so make sure you're following if you're interested in winning some free KOIN.


P.S. Thanks for reading. I'm very excited to be releasing KAP, but I'll be getting back to the normal daily newsletter content going forward.