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KAP is coming...

It is now Q2 and we are rapidly approaching the launch of KAP on Koinos mainnet. We only have a few more items to wrap up in preparation for the launch.

  1. International Name Support
  2. Press Badge NFT Perks

International Names

Currently on testnet, you can register a KAP name with any characters you want – Latin, Chinese, Thai, Emoji, even characters that would mess up URLs (like /, &, ?, whitespace, etc.).

We are restricting this to disallow most punctuation, whitespace, and control characters. You'll still be able to use other languages and emoji, but it's inevitable we'll miss some characters that really shouldn't be used in names. We may add more restrictions in future. After the launch, we'll also be making it easier to tell when a name is using international characters to protect users from homograph attacks. More detail on this in future.

We are also adjusting pricing for international names to be based on the byte length of the characters. If you want a name with emoji, chinese, or other non-latin characters, they will be less expensive. For example: "x.koin" would cost $1000/year, but "🧠.koin" would only cost $100/year. This is because 🧠 is actually 4 bytes while x is only 1 byte.

Press Badge NFT Perks

For those who managed to acquire a Press Badge NFT, we will be offering two benefits for KAP:

  1. The ability to reserve 1 premium name for the launch
  2. First year free for premium names when you pay for 3+ years

We feel these are valuable benefits without breaking KAP's economics, but we reserve the right to make changes in future if needed.

We'll be announcing the launch date soon...


P.S. If you'd like to try out KAP on testnet, go to https://test.kap.domains – be sure your wallet is configured for testnet, and let me know if you run into any issues or just need some tKOIN to try it out.