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Highways vs gated communities

You wouldn't put a 12 lane highway through the middle of a quiet neighborhood.

Most blockchains are gated communities. You need to own some part of it before you're allowed to come in. Gated communities are all about exclusivity, security, and privacy. You don't want it to be open to just anyone.

And yet, most blockchains try to market themselves as highways. They're maximizing throughput. They're making it easier to run businesses along the highway that anyone driving by could visit.

But the gates are still keeping people out. There's 5 cars using 12 lanes during rush hour. The only businesses surviving along the gated highway are the country clubs, luxury retailers, etc.

There's nothing wrong with gated communities if that's what you want to be. Maybe just don't focus so much on how many lanes your roads have.

Because the gates also charge a toll, a lot of people aren't going to want to leave their houses. This makes it even harder for businesses to survive.

The alternative is taking down the gates. Don't charge people for driving around, charge a small tax on citizens and let them bring in guests. Now tourism can fuel more kinds of businesses.

As more and more people come to visit the community, you can expand the roads. Soon enough, that quiet neighborhood will be a bustling city.


P.S. in case it wasn't clear, this alternative model is already running on Koinos. Gates are gas fees and the need to hold your own tokens. Roads are TPS.

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Trying something new today. Did you know KAP only has about 1000 names registered? That means there's a ton of great names still available. Today, I want to highlight one:


This name is $100/year, but its .com counterpart sold for $30M in 2019. Source: List of most expensive domain names.

I can't tell you .koin names will have any future speculative value, though you can buy and sell them on Kollection NFT marketplace today. I can tell you that voice.koin is a cool name that could be used to build an awesome personal or business brand. It won't be available forever.