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In case you missed it, Koinos forked recently due to increased transaction volume, a minor bug, and some misbehaving block producers. The network is fine and your Koin is still where you left it. You only need to care if you're running your own node or tried to withdraw from MEXC during the fork (see koinos discord announcement for more detail).

Without getting too technical here, BurnKoin was part of the problem. We've been running our block producer from two computers for added fault tolerance, but this is actually bad behavior. With this set up, we were producing too many blocks, and we should have been penalized for it. However, the minor bug was allowing us to go unpunished.

If you run your own node and you've been copying our example, you will need to stop your second node. There's also a bugfix available now so this doesn't happen again.

In the pursuit of greater fault tolerance, BurnKoin is looking into a custom microservice that would allow us to keep both nodes online but only have one producing blocks when the other goes offline. We may end up building it ourselves, but it's not top priority yet, so if you're interested in helping out, let me know. We're happy to share ideas, offer advice, and otherwise help get an open source implementation delivered.


P.S. be sure to check your node is producing on the right fork now or you'll be missing out on rewards. See discord for instructions.