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Ethereum is Ford. Koinos is Tesla.

The first Ford was produced in 1908. The first Tesla in 2008. It took 100 years for a company to begin convincing the public that gas wasn't the only fuel source for cars. Electricity can be generated anywhere through renewable means. It doesn't need to be transported from drilling to refining to the customer.

(Feel free to let me know what you believe about these companies, global warming, or any other issue surrounding this topic. But let's skip over all that here for sake of the analogy.)

Ethereum went live in 2015. Koinos is planned to launch in 2022. After only 7 years, Koinos will begin convincing the public that gas fees are the past. Mana is a renewable resource. There is no need to acquire mana like you acquire eth for gas fees. You generate it. You use it.

Other general purpose blockchains are trying to be better/faster/cheaper Ethereums. Koinos is an alternative approach, not just another clone.

The task for Koinos to convince the public is similar to what Tesla has done, but cars are everywhere. Today, a very small percentage of the population even understands what a blockchain is.

I believe blockchain has the potential to solve real problems for real people in the world. Koinos needs to be more accessible so that those people can understand, experience, and build on blockchain.

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P.S. This isn't a perfect analogy. I'll share my thoughts on the differences between the jobs of Tesla and Koinos tomorrow.