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ENS Name Wrapper

ENS recently released a new service called the Name Wrapper. If you want some more detail, this is a great breakdown from Metaversal:

ENS Name Wrapper Explained 🧣
Why the new ENS Name Wrapper is a big deal!

The short version is that ENS wanted to provide some new, fancy features for your .eth names, but these upgrades were not straight forward given Ethereum smart contracts are not upgradeable. If you don't design your contracts with upgrades in mind, simply adding functionality is not possible. You have to upload a new contract that interacts with the old one.

The name wrapper basically takes your existing NFT and issues a new NFT to your wallet. Very similar to staking a token and receiving a new token that represents your deposit, just with NFTs. The new "wrapped" NFT has all the bells and whistles that weren't baked into the original contract.

There's some great ideas here that I fully intend to work into the KAP roadmap at some point, but we won't need to create a separate wrapping contract. The existing KAP name NFTs can have their functionality extended with a simple contract upgrade.

I've written about upgradeable contracts a lot. It's important to reiterate that this is a significantly easier developer experience but it comes with a different set of considerations for dApp users.

Existing ENS customers know that their names will obey the same rules today as they did yesterday, and they don't have to opt in to the new features. Contract upgrades can introduce new vulnerabilities (or worse, scams). This means that a dApp that passes your due diligence today might not tomorrow.

This is an existing issue on Ethereum and other non-upgradeable systems because dApps can use proxy contracts to fake upgradability. So without introducing any new vulnerabilities, baking upgrades into the system makes Koinos easier for developers.


P.S. If you do read through that Metaversal article, let me know if something doesn't make sense or seems like a good/bad idea. I'll eventually write some follow ups about specific ENS features and how they would look on KAP.